Build your dream bike with our customisation service

Gravel tandem
Fire engine red triplet
Custom Helios Tandem
Circe custom Helios Quad
Custom STEPS Helios tandem
Metallic blue tandem
Circe Morpheus Aurora in water blue
Custom Circe kids tandem

At Circe, we love bikes and understand the pleasure of getting a bike specced and built up just as you want. Whether it’s a complete custom spec with a personal paint job, or simply fitting different saddles, we enjoy working with you to get as close as possible to the bike of your dreams.

What we offer

  • Custom Spray painting and graphics – We’ll help you create your dream bike paint and all!
  • Custom specification – Whether this means modifying the spec of one of our standard models, or ‘from the ground up’ builds, within the bounds of compatibility and availability, we can do anything.
  • Custom crank length – Everyone has different leg lengths, and whilst the human body is incredibly adaptable, there can be significant biomechanical advantages to using an optimised crank length. Quite small changes can make differences to power output and comfort.
  • Custom fit – Give us your bike fit data or some dimensions from a favourite bike and we’ll almost certainly be able to get close.