Eos custom gravel tandem

Every tandem rider is different; different sizes, different fitness levels and different needs. As tandem riders and enthusiasts ourselves, we are aware of the sort of use to which a tandem might be put, and, like most tandem companies, specify our models to meet those needs. However, we also want customers to have the best tandem for their type of cycling and recognise that this is often only achievable by modifying our existing models or even ‘ground up’ builds.

One of the most important things when riding any bike, particularly a tandem, is comfort, and we work with customers to optimise their riding position, in particular, with reference to existing bike fit and to contact points; saddle, handlebars and pedals. This can mean, with new tandem riders, working with dimensions from their solo bikes; something we frequently do.

For many customers one of our standard specification tandem builds, with any required tweaks, and attention to the fit and comfort, is perfect, but for others, the whole customisation gamut is available. This can sometimes seem daunting, but it’s as simple as having a conversation working through needs and projected usage. Some customers already have preferences which we are happy to implement, but otherwise we make suggestions to work towards the best tandem for your needs.

Here are some recent custom tandems we’ve done.