Circe modular system

Increasingly, societies are looking at more sustainable and healthy lifestyles, with transportation one of the areas under scrutiny. We are asking questions about our reliance on the car and its impact on our environment, and the once humble bicycle is being seen as one solution to many of our tranportation woes. Here at Circe, we design most of our bikes with the requirements for city use as a key element. However, we are also concerned about product sustainability and providing one solution for many different, and changing, use scenarios. Important also to us, is health and well being, and the benefit of incorporating exercise into our daily routine.

Health and Wellbeing.

The health and wellbeing benefits of cycling are well documented. Use a bike regularly for commuting, the school run, shopping and all our little utilitarian journeys that take too long to walk and, all of sudden, we are building a natural exercise regime as part of our day. In our home city, Cambridge, we’re thrilled to see the proliferation of cargo bikes, particularly for the school run, but we designed our modular multi rider and cargo bike system so that even very young children can be engaged in the journey and enjoy the same exercise benefits as their parents.

Circe Helios Tandem with Triplet Module
Circe quad
Circe Helios Tandem with Quad Module

Sustainable Lifestyle

Circe Helios in basic tandem configuration

The Helios is one of the most versatile and sustainable bikes on the market, and, with its modular system, can be adapted as transportation needs change. Its basic configuration is a tandem for 2 riders, but it can be, and frequently is, ridden solo; this can be after dropping other riders off, for example on the school run, or, with one of the cargo modules installed, for shopping or other load lugging needs. With its low step over, it is particularly suitable as a child back tandem, or for riders with limited mobility.

Circe Helios Tandem with Cargo Module

For heavier loads, or multiple children that are not yet ready to pedal, we have developed a new Low Tail Cargo module.

Circe Helios Tandem with Lowtail Cargo Module installed

We designed the Circe Helios as a bike that can meet most cycling needs. We wanted it to be a sustainable transport solution that can bring the health and wellbeing benefits of cycling to anyone, but particularly, to couples and families.