Triplet roof rack carrier system

Transporting tandems can be a bar to ownership. The Circe Helios is a remarkably compact tandem and will fit inside most cars; the separable version even fitting into the Smart for Two. However, not everyone has room, or wants to travel with a bicycle inside their car, even more so when the Triplet is the bike to be transported. For such owners, we offer off-the-peg and custom solutions.

Although the Helios Triplet is separable, if left fully assembled and ready to ride, it is too long to go inside most cars or to fit on a towbar mounted bike rack. Roof mounting is the most practical solution and we have developed our own system that both offers safe and solid support, whilst facilitating the loading of what are generally long and heavy bikes.

Triplet mounted to and supported on a rotating fork fixture, such that the rear end of the bike can be lifted onto its support.

The Circe Morpheus tandem can also be difficult to transport inside an average car and we have developed solutions for both roofrack and towbar mounting.

For transporting the Morpheus on a car roof, the dedicated stand-off is used in combination with a Thule bike rack.

For transporting the Morpheus tandem on a towbar, we have designed our own support for mounting to a Thule bike rack.

For Circe Helios owners wanting to transport their tandems outside the car, we offer systems for both roof and tow bar mounting.

For transporting the Circe Helios on a tow bar, we have designed a support that fits on a Thule tow bar bike rack.
For roof mounting the Circe Helios, we have a support that works with the Thule roof rack