The Circe Helios is well known for its easy transportability, but how about packing a tandem into two 70 x 60 x 20cm bags, each weighing just under 10kg? Even better, and saving packing and re-construction time, the rear wheel and transmission can stay in place.

Every tandem couple has different requirements, with some preferring a single case or bag, as with the Circe Tandem Traveller case, but, with increasing constraints on size and weight that is allowed on trains and planes, the 2 bag tandem pack has advantages and is increasingly popular :-

1. Each bag weighs under 10kg, which, with two riders, is very manageable.

2. The packed size is compact and, as with the weight, much more manageable than a one bag or case pack.

3. The rear wheel, transmission and brakes can stay in place. This makes for a much easier and quicker pack and reconstruction.

To see how it’s done, have a look here –