We understand the enjoyment to be had from sport, leisure and pleasure cycling, but we also see the bike as a transportation solution.



Circe Cycles was established in 2007 and was founded on the belief that cycling can be fun, functional and all inclusive. We all believe in what we do, and more importantly are all users of our products. Based in Cambridge we get to see a wide gamut of cycling usage, perhaps it’s a snapshot of where more cities will be in the future, we certainly hope so!


We’ve been using the Helios tandem since our youngest was 6 months, and have done many happy miles on it. Exploring our local area, blackberry picking, shopping or taking the kids to parties! It has also accompanied us on several holidays, as it fits on our Thule roof rack. I hold it responsible for teaching my son how to pedal, allowing him to get on a two wheeled pedal bike at 3 and ride straight off. Now our youngest is desperate to add to the Langdon power output, so I’ve added an extra riding position to make it a triplet. The picture shows the whole family on one bike, makes for a social journey.


I’ve been using the Helios tandem most days for a few years now. I use it both as a tandem, and as a solo bike for my 7 mile each way commute, and for getting around town. I find it comfortable and easy to ride and, with a terminally arthritic hip, the low step-over is a blessing. The quick release bars and compact form, make it easy to park and store in Cambridge, where there is great pressure on bike parking places.

When we decided to make a separable version, my wife and I were excited to be able to take the Helios with us on a trip to Singapore. I’ve travelled with a variety of bikes and tandems, but never found it the most relaxing experience. However, with the Helios tandem a straightforward pack into our dedicated Traveller case, and the whole comfortably within Singapore Airlines’ 30kg check-in weight limit, the trip was simple.

1. Separate the tandem and pack in the Traveller – 10-30 minutes depending on how much else needs to go in.

2. Wheel up to the check-in desk. No questions asked. Weigh and off it goes.

3. Some hours later collect from the conveyer with other check-in luggage.

4. Re-assemble at hotel – 10-30 minutes.

5. Ride away!


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