Introducing the Morpheus

The Morpheus is all about sharing, but, true to its name, changes form to suit its function.

Circe Morpheus tandem

One of the great joys of cycling is riding out with family and friends, about sharing experience. Tandems can facilitate this by allowing people of different strengths to ride together, both riders putting as much, or as little, effort into the pedals as they prefer. The single drawback of this is that the rear rider can usually only see the front rider's back when they look forward. The Morpheus addresses this, with both riders able to look ahead at the same view. It also puts the two riders' heads closer together so conversation becomes relaxed and natural.

To further facilitate the ease of use, the Morpheus uses an independent pedalling system that allows the front rider to choose when, or even whether, they want to pedal. Such a system works well for couples, but is especially useful for riding with children or for special needs applications. The recumbent front seat is also particularly comfortable. No more saddle or shoulder soreness and with a simple and extensive range of adjustment, it is easy to optimize comfort and swap riders around.

As well as enabling people to ride together comfortably, the Morpheus is an excellent load carrier and utility bike. In its base configuration it will take a conventional rear rack and and a large underseat rack that will also accept a set of large panniers. Kitted out like this, the Morpheus is ideal for a long, leisurely tour. But that is not all, removing the front seat and installing the Cargo rack system transforms the Morpheus from a tandem into an heavy duty load carrier.

Day ride, long tour, ride into town, child transporter, weekly shop, trip to the tip, or moving domestic paraphenalia, the Morpheus, true to its name, changes form to suit its function!

How the Morpheus can answer your needs

The Morpheus is a versatile people carrier, but replace the front seat with the dedicated Cargo rack and it transforms into a superb cargo bike.
The Morpheus can take up to two child seats, including, with the use of the Steco Baby Mee, a Maxi Cosi baby car seat. Installing the Morpheus Kiddy System allows a small child to pedal in the stoker position.
With the addition of the RMS harness the Morpheus is a great way to share the joy of cycling with those that may not otherwise be able to cycle.
Exceptional comfort and its sociable rider positioning make the Morpheus the perfect bike for long leisure rides 'a deux'. Install a pair of lightweight tyres, and the more aerodynamic Euromesh seat, and the Morpheus transforms into a light, fast sports tandem.
By installing the Titan rear rack and dedicated mid racks, the Morpheus can take 4 large panniers, and, with various other places behind the front seat to stow additional luggage, makes the ideal touring tandem.

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